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Guillaume Faye’s Archeofuturism – first time in English

Archeofuturism, an important work in the tradition of the European New Right, is finally now available in English. Challenging many assumptions held by the Right, this book generated much debate when it was first published in French in 1998. Faye believes that the future of the Right requires a transcendence of the division between those who wish for a restoration of the traditions of the past, and those who are calling for new social and technological forms – creating a synthesis which will amplify the strengths and restrain the excesses of both: Archeofuturism.

Faye also provides a critique of the New Right; an analysis of the continuing damage being done by Western liberalism, political inertia, unrestrained immigration and ethnic self-hatred; and the need to abandon past positions and dare to face the realities of the present in order to realise the ideology of the future. He prophesises a series of catastrophes between 2010 and 2020, brought about by the unsustainability of the present world order, which he asserts will offer an opportunity to rebuild the West and put Archeofuturism into practice on a grand scale.

The book is avalaible directly from the publisher HERE, or through Delian diver bookstore (via &

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The Path of Cinnabar (An Intellectual Autobiography of Julius Evola)

The Path of Cinnabar (An Intellectual Autobiography of Julius Evola)Not previously available in the English language, this is the first translation of Julius Evola’s autobiography, Il Cammino del Cinabro. The book provides a guide to Evola’s corpus as he explains the purpose of each of his books. This book is the key which unlocks the unity behind Evola’s diverse interests. It is a perfect place to start for those new to Evola’s thought, and a must read for all seasoned Evolians. The book includes hundreds of well-researched footnotes and a complete index. The book is avalaible here.

Book Description

Julius Evola was a renowned Dadaist artist, Idealist philosopher, critic of politics and Fascism, ‚mystic‘, anti-modernist, and scholar of world religions. Evola was all of these things, but he saw each of them as no more than stops along the path to life’s true goal: the realisation of oneself as a truly absolute and free individual living one’s life in accordance with the eternal doctrines of the Primordial Tradition. Much more than an autobiography, The Cinnabar Path in describing the course of Evola‚s life illuminates how the traditionally-oriented individual might avoid the many pitfalls awaiting him in the modern world. More a record of Evola‚s thought process than a recitation of biographical facts, one will here find the distilled essence of a lifetime spent in pursuit of wisdom, in what is surely one of his most important works.

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Knižní báze - Knižní báze Délského potápěče


Myšlenka dne

„Naše dva významné deníky jsou v rukou jednoho zahraničního majitele. (...) Představuju si to, jako když herec má v každé ruce jednu loutku: jednou hraje proti druhé, simuluje drama. Hra dopadne, jak on ví a chce. (...) Do jedněch z těch dvojích novin pravidelně píšu. (...) Takže jsem jako svobodný. (...) Protože mi na těch novinách záleží, snažím se myslet a jednat s nimi. Moje psaní zatím bylo pro principála přijatelné: sloužím mu. Ale toto, co tu teď píšu, bych do jeho novin nepsal: bylo by to, myslím, v nich moje poslední slovo. Celou tu dobu od Převratu se divím tomu, že si naše společnost nedokáže udržet nějaké nezávislé noviny, jež by nebyly v ničím majetku. (...) Čtenáři se ptají: proč nemůžeme mít jedny noviny chytré, elegantní, prázdné banalit, vulgarit a reklamy, a tenčí? (...) Protože vás není dost.“

Ludvík Vaculík