Humanitarian mission to deliver aid from the Czech Republic to Kosovo

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European Solidarity Front for Kosovo

Actions instead of words

It has become a tradition during the last couple of years that EFSK/ESFK (Evropská fronta solidarity pro Kosovo / European Solidarity Front for Kosovo and Metochija) activists are organising this year’s humanitarian mission to support Serbian schools and families in Kosovo and Metohija. They’re planning to support a primary school in the village of Novo Brdo again, which has notably improved its performance under their patronage.

As they did last year, they’d also like to provide local children with “starting-kits” i.e. school stationery and textbooks. From their previous experiences, probably the most pressing issue for the local schoolchildren is ubiquitous bitter cold in the classrooms. Therefore they would like to solve this problem by buying a convector heater.

EFSK appeal continues:

We also intend to support another struggling school in the region by aforementioned kits for pupils and by donating sporting equipment. As we did during our previous campaigns, we are going to pick one of the poor families with little children and will provide them with groceries and hygienic supplies. And hopefully even with a little presents for the kids.

We also heartily welcome donations of toys or teddy bears, which are usually most appreciated by little children. Please don’t hesitate to contact us via Facebook or e-mail so we can arrange delivery of the toys.

Total donated sum of money is important too – and please don’t forget that even small donations make a difference in our efforts. We are neither expecting nor demanding substantial sums of money from you and will be very grateful for any small contributions from you. It’ll be up to your generosity, whether or not we’ll be able to support all the people and institutions we’d like to.

Serbian people stood many times by our side in the past, ready to help us Czechs. It’s therefore our turn not to abandon them in their time of a great need.

Account number: CZ22 2010 0000 0028 0027 9598
Reference: KOSOVO
Collection ends: 20. 9. 2017

More info:

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